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Hello Malaysia! We, Pohas Co., Ltd, attended the Korea-Malaysia 1: 1 business meeting held on March 16, 2017 in Kuala Lumpur. Many buyers were interested in the photo card booth, PIX N POP, and the results were succe..
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Jellabuk-do Traditional Culture boods market The photo card booth, PIX N POP, was installed in front of Jellabuk-do Traditional Culture boods market. Thank you for your interest.
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Mural villages in Korea The photo card booth, PIX N POP, was installed at Jamman Mural Village. Thank you for your interest.The photo card booth, PIX N POP, was installed at Ewha Mural Village. Thank you for your interest.Th..
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Van Gogh Inside: Festival of Light and Music 'Van Gogh Inside: Festival of Light and Music' consists of innovative digital technologies such as VR (Virtual Reality),AR (Augmented Reality), and projection mapping. Potlatch, famous for the ambient..
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Hello Kitty Island: Seoul N Tower Hello Kitty, a cute appearance character from Japan, captures the hearts of people around the world.Hello Kitty Island has opened at N Seoul Tower, where you can meet cute and lovely Hello Kitty.N Seo..
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Lego Batman movie Event The LEGO Batman pop-up booth, which runs at Hanam Starfield Central Square (Feb. 11 ~ 19) and Starfield COEX Megabox (Feb. 25 ~ Mar. 5),features Lego Batman Movie Pohas' photo card camera, PIX N POP, ..
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Valentine Event The Valentine's Day event will be held for two weeks from Feb. 06 to Feb. 19, 2017 at Lotte Department Mia store.In order to leave good memories for those who visit the Lotte Department Store, you can..
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Nunar New Year Holiday Dear Sir,Because of the Nunar New Year holiday, our office will be closed from 27 Jan to 30 Jan 2017. In case of urgent business during the period, do not hesitate to contact me.1. Name: Mr. Jason Lee..
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MARU in insa-dong: Photo card booth, PIX N POP is .. PIX N POP was installed at Insa-dong MARU, which stands for insa-dong in insa-dong. MARU is a multi-cultural space where traditonal crafts and mordern design products are displayed in about 50 stores...
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Seongsu S-factory: Klimt Inside, We introduce a ne.. "Klimt inside",presented by Seongsu S factory, is a media art exhibition with magnificent and fantastic space combining electronic music. You can find PIX N POP in "Klimt inside". Let's keep your fant..
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