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subject Let’s get a citizen card and be a main character


Lego City Trailer Experience with Pix N Pop

The event named Lego City Trailer Experience had been held from Mar, 19 to May, 29, 2016 in Korea and Lego City made various lives and looks in our real cities with sophistication and planning ability of unique Lego. Lego City Trailer was designed with the latest models of the police station, fire station, train station, airport and space probe and all of them were combined in a city delicately.

Pix N Pop was used for making a citizen card. (Step 4) After children finished three steps, they could keep their memories on the cards. Also, we were proud of producing Pix N Pop and happy to see that children were enjoying with the cards.

Starting with this, Lego City has plan to have more events during the second half of this year and we, Pohas Co., Ltd, are expecting that children will be able to keep happiness with Pix N Pop.