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subject [Seongsu S-factory: Klimt Inside] Photo booth with pix n pop!

Taking a different approach using new media and technology,

S-Factory in Seongsu-dong presents a modern media art exhibition of the celebrated Viennese artist Gustav Klimt from Dec.

 8th, 2016 till Mar. 3rd, 2017. Unlike the traditional method—of viewing renowned paintings hung on museum walls—this exhibition allows us to experience the works of art complimented by music, lighting, LED screens and more.

Divided into 6 sections (End of Century, Ver Sacrum, Women,

Stocklet Frieze, Later Colors and Kiss), each section offers unique insight into the Austrian symbolist painter.

Outside the main exhibition, visitors will be able to meet photo card booth.

 The photo card booth named PIX N POP was set up at the exhibition center and visitors can keep their memories in the photo cards.

The art works of Klimt are well applied the back grounds and frames of PIX N POP.

Because the size of the printed card is same as a credit card, it’s easy to keep a photo in a purse. Also,

a picture can be beautifully printed out. Visitors will be able to enjoy Klimt’s works as well as keep their pleasant and happy memories with PIX N POP.