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subject Pohas’s Attendance at 2015 Melbourne Franchising & Business Expo as the Exclusive Korean Enterprise

Pohas Co. Ltd. (President Sungbin Ahn), Korea’s exclusive card photo machine and sticker photo machine producer will be attending the Melbourne Franchising & Business Expo 2015 from August 21st to August 23rd.

Relevant industries are anticipating whether Pohas will be able to successfully set up

company headquarters as the first Korean enterprise in Australia, a market that boasts a thriving number of franchises per capita more than anywhere else in the world.  This endeavor testifies to the technicality know-how and the ability of Pohas Co. Ltd. to promote growth in an international franchise market.

The product that has propelled Pohas Co. Ltd. beyond the Korean market into the

international arena is its unique product, the Pix N Pop. Unlike regular sticker-photo booths, PIX N POP differentiates itself by printing images on a credit card sized postcard in 1500 megapixel ultra hi-definition quality. PIX N POP models installed throughout Korea’s KORAIL train stations, subway stations, popular tourist attractions (Hwansung Cave), sport stadiums (KT Wiz Park), Resorts (Daemyung Resort), theme parks, road shops, and shopping centers have proven PIX N POP’s popularity as well as its success. Furthermore, during the OZ Comic Con convention held from September 13-14, 2014 at the Sydney Exhibition Center (Glebe Island), the extremely popular reaction of the Comic Con fans served as a foresight into PIX N POP’s potential success in the future.

In August 26-27, there are plans to host a business information session for the Korean community in Sydney and introduce a new business paradigm. During last year’s OZ Comic Con, three PIX N POP units that were installed for two days (16 hours) and charged 5-15 Euros per photocard recorded a successful 1,250 prints. Customers who printed their photos on their Opal Cards (Sydney transportation card) also expressed great satisfaction with the results, leading to business inquiries by various parties.

Beyond capturing a meaningful moment in life for consumers, promotion was also done to companies and businesses that would enable them to print their customers’ photos on transportation cards, hotel key cards, and any printable surface including point cards, and QR/NFC cards.

Taking into account not only the myriad functions of the PIX N POP, but also its fun and exciting exterior, the fervent interest shown in attending the Pohas Melbourne Franchising & Business Expo 2015 and the Sydney Business Information Session hosted by Pohas Co. Ltd., is not surprising.